Your relationship is okay too much expectations is killing it

When you encounter someone new and you instantly like them, our minds will automatically think of how it would feel like to be in a relationship with them. we already have a predetermined visualization of how we expect them to behave and treat us. But have you ever taken a moment and thought of how we put too much expectations into a relationship and when the reality hits us we are in shock.

Why can’t people just go with the flow? Live one moment at a time without overburdening someone with standards we already set for ourselves. You will hear someone say “I only date men with money” sister wait, who told you he is willing to give it to you? You go ahead and find a guy who has already worked hard for his money then you start getting mad if he doesn’t give it to you when you want. He doesn’t owe you anything, it’s your expectations driving you nuts.

Relationships are meant to be fun and enjoyable but since we cannot drop too much expectations, we end up constantly fighting and feeling miserable. Ask yourself how it would be if we let people love us the best way they know how. Just have a blank mind and rewrite what you want in that relationship based on your experiences with your current boyfriend or girlfriend.

All relationships are different and it should never be compared. Just because your friend received a car for a birthday gift from the partner and you only got a dinner date, it does not mean you are not valued. Comparing relationship is what leads to too much expectations and consequently draining the life out of a relationship that was once healthy and promising.

We all have a life, different goals, targets and plans for our lives. The fact that we are dating does not give you the audacity to bring my life to a standstill. Our goals may not align but we can let each other grow without having to breath down each other’s neck over issues that may not make sense. I missed your call because I was at work chasing my career and that is something you already knew but since you cannot understand that, we end up arguing because according to you that should not have happened.

Knowing what to expect from a relationship is good but too much of something is poisonous. Let’s just live life and enjoy every bit because tomorrow is not promised. Get into relationships with an open mind and curve out what we want. Too much expectations is what is ruining your relationship and if care is not taken sooner or later there will be nothing left to salvage.

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